Grupo indisciplinado
Grupo indisciplinado

Sometimes we met with a group that is too undisciplined: talk a lot in class, do not do homework, do not perform the planned activities, and the list can go on and on, which ends up being too stressful for the teacher. Even, you can find problems with parents who do not help for their cause.

Here are some tips from other teachers who have also had problems with conflicting groups. These tips are taken from a teacher facebook group.

  • First set firm and clear rules. Remember to deliver what you promised and not promise what you can not deliver.
  • Do not show that you are desperate because their students are very smart and thay know how to put more pressure and stress to you.
  • Try talking to the parents of your group. At all times talk to parents making closer together and make a bill, that must be singed by the parents, of the information given here and in the agreements that were both parties. It is important that at all times you has permission from your superiors to support you and they must be kept informed of the situation, so we can expand a serious commitment with parents.
  • Make a class with a parent as a teacher for a day, especially with the parent who does not accept his/her child misbehaves.  You can offer to the parent a topic to teach for an hour or half a day to see how the group behaves. You can rotate the parents to teach a class so in the meetings you can talk about the performance of the group with basis.
  • Look for alternatives such as a graph of conduct attached over the door which will show to the students how they are behaving in the classroom.
  • Locate and approach the leader or leaders who incite relaxation. Try to win them over and make them feel important. Delegate activities to the leaders that keep them active and where they can help. Also, talk to the leader or leaders and advise you want the best activities for them/him/her and give responsibility to the group. Try not to take their leadership, only route it to where you want acknowledge their effort and work to the group.
  • Talk to your group and give them the opportunity to make agreements, write them.
  • Sets agreements within the group and convince them of what your role is in the classroom. Let them clear that you will not scold the group or to care. Also, you can expose whoever wants to be in class is because he/she wants to be in the class.
  • Try not to cry in class. Remember, if you shout, they will shout louder.
  • Add activities to start the day for a few minutes. Then continues with other activities for a few weeks or months and then you can start adding recreational activities.
  • Rate yourself and think if you’re driving level is not too high for your students, maybe you are asking much to them.
  • Deliver diagnostic provisional ballots with extremely low grades and comments on student performance. Be clear at the meeting that if the situation does not improve behavior in the classroom you will not improve their grades because the assessment is comprehensive and formative.
  • Record some classes. This will leave evidence of their behavior that will not be able to object. Just put your phone in a corner of your desk, leaning and let this recording.
  • Keep a logbook where record the strongest cases. Send to call the parents in the time of departure, explains the situation and asks them to sign in and aware that parents will do something about correcting their child. If the misconduct repeats three times sends the child with the principal with the report or logbook.
  • You have to work the group motivation. When you start a class, play a video about behaviors similar to those in the classroom, ask them to find solutions to the situation in the video, they should see their behavior on others and discuss what they are doing wrong.
  • Put over the door a high paper with the names of students, you should mark it as a traffic light  according to their performance, and at the end of the month you can give a recognition to those children who have a good performance.

And you, what has worked for you with a conflicting group? We appreciate your comments and help.

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